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"Technology Today", hosted by Rich Kazimir, is an educational radio show which airs live every Tuesday evening from 6:30 - 7:00 PM eastern time on WDVR FM, 89.7 in Delaware Township, NJ, and translator station 91.9 out of Lawrenceville, NJ, serving the Lawrenceville, Princeton and Trenton areas.  In addition, WDVR is now simulcasting out of Easton, PA on WPNJ, 90.5 FM.

You can listen to the live stream at WDVR.  For those unable to listen live to "Technology Today", many shows are now available here via our podcast.


David Schuchman

Topic:  More Secure Than Your Password, with guest David Schuchman

Recorded July 1, 2014

Listen to the More Secure Than Your Password Podcast

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Cris Rowan of Zone'in Programs

Topic:  Children and Technology, with guest Cris Rowan

Recorded November 11, 2014

Listen to the Children and Technology Podcast

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Keep Pace Technology

Topic:  Big Data, with guest George Pace

Recorded August 26, 2014

Listen to the Big Data Podcast

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Paul Babicki

Topic:  Netiquette, with guest Paul Babicki

Recorded August 12, 2014

Listen to the Netiquette Podcast

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The Hydrautomat

Topic:  The Hydrautomat, with guest Michael Sipos

Recorded August 5, 2014

Listen to the Hydrautomat Podcast 

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David Schuchman

Topic:  Blogging, with guest David Schuchman

Recorded July 1, 2014

Listen to the Blogging Podcast

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Kaitlynn Zolnay, Lisa James Otto Country Properties

Topic:  Real Estate Technology, with guest Kaitlynn Zolnay

Recorded October 22, 2013

Listen to the Real Estate Technology Podcast

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Growth Leadership Network, Glen Berry

Topic:  Personal Resilience Profile, with guest Glen Berry
Recorded September 17, 2013

Listen to the
Personal Resilience Profile Podcast
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Growth Leadership Network

August eTech, Janice Mahlmann

Topic:  Disaster Recovery, with guest Janice Mahlmann
Recorded September 10, 2013

Listen to the 
Disaster Recovery Podcast
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August eTech

Audio/Visual Technology, Paul Belkin

Topic:  Audio/Visual Technology, with guest Paul Belkin
Recorded August 13, 2013

Listen to the 
Audio/Visual Technology Podcast
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ClearCom LLC

Chris Ciaccia,

Topic:  Facebook and Apple Quarterly Results, with guest Chris Ciaccia
Recorded July 30, 2013

Listen to the Facebook and Apple Quarterly Results Podcast

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Radio Station Technology Overview, Frank Napurano

Topic:  Radio Station Technology Overview, with guest Frank Napurano 
Recorded April 16, 2013

Listen to the 
Radio Station Technology Overview Podcast
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Project Gutenberg, Dr. Greg Newby Podcast

Topic:  Project Gutenberg, with guest Dr. Greg Newby
Recorded March 5, 2013

Listen to the
Project Gutenberg Podcast
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Project Gutenberg

Podcast of Ron O'Reilly discussing The Living Legacy Project

Topic:  The Living Legacy Project, with guest Ron O'Reilly
Recorded February 19, 2013

Listen to the
Living Legacy Project Podcast
Learn more about The Living Legacy

Podcast of Rob Calem discussing Car Technology

Topic:  Car Technology, with guest Rob Calem

Recorded February 12, 2013
Listen to the Car Technology Podcast
Learn more about technology with Rob Calem

Podcast with Wendi Caplan-Carroll of Constant Contact

Topic:  Email Marketing, with guest Wendi Caplan-Carroll

Recorded January 22, 2013
Listen to the Email Marketing (Constant Contact) Podcast
Learn more about Constant Contact

Podcast with Mel Galloway of Lifetime Memory Products

Topic:  Computer Memory, with guest Melvin Galloway

Recorded January 8, 2013
Listen to the Computer Memory Podcast
Learn more about memory at Lifetime Memory Products

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